Weeping Willows Farm

Quaint Little Farm With Endless Possibilities 

Looking for a great family outing? Come on by our Farm! Weeping Willows Farm is a small family friendly farm. Our farm is open May-December and is stocked with local goods for your family’s enjoyment. We offer fresh vegetables, blooming gardens, chicken and duck eggs, handmade soaps and many other products. Due to the change of seasons, our offerings are always changing, so stop by today to find out what we’ve got to offer and make sure to take a goodie or two home with you. You may even see a few animals while on your visit. They're always out and about!

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The Farmstand is Open

Our family farm offers a quaint little farmstand brimming with beautiful planters, flowers, fresh veggies, eggs straight from our happy hens, dog treats baked by a local company that employs individuals with disabilities, and many other Farm-Inspired products. You never know what you may find in our little market, may even be one of our adventurous chickens!

Baby chicks have hatched!

Our first baby chicks have hatched and are quickly growing. We have quite a barnyard mix. Some yellow, black, or with stripes. We can't wait to see what they grow into. Old Mama hen is pretty protective, so we let her take care of her babies. We even had 2 ducklings hatch and they're as cute as can be! 😍


Welcome our new additions!

Welcome our new baby goat's, Sassafras, Gretta, Klaus, Everest, Hauss and Marigold! Each definitely has their own personality...

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