Weeping Willows Farm

Quaint Little Farm With Endless Possibilities 

Looking for a great family outing? Come on by our Farm! Weeping Willows Farm is a small family friendly farm. Our farm is open May-December and is stocked with local goods for your family’s enjoyment. We offer fresh vegetables, blooming gardens, chicken and duck eggs, handmade soaps and many other products. Due to the change of seasons, our offerings are always changing, so stop by today to find out what we’ve got to offer and make sure to take a goodie or two home with you. You may even see a few animals while on your visit. They're always out and about!

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What's happening around the farm?


Dixie saved our trampoline!

January 2022

We had a terrible wind storm come through. Nor'Easters are pretty common around here. Our trampoline flew over the fenced-in back yard overnight. Walked outside the next morning and our Moo, Dixie was holding it down for us.

New Barn in the Works!

May 23, 2022

We're building a new barn! One much bigger for our growing farm. Huckleberry and Dixie are well over a thousand pounds now and could use the room. 😄We planted forage seed a few months back and it has really grown. We opened the new gate yesterday and let them in for a sample of the new pasture!


We welcomed Kunekune piglets to our farm!

May 2022

Two little Kunekune piglets have joined Weeping Willows Farm. Odie and Sweet Pea are our first pigs. They are so little and super cute! They love carrots and watermelon treats. We built the a "pig tractor" style pen since Kune's love to graze. It's similar to a chicken tractor. We can easily move them to fresh grass as needed without having to catch them. They're started to warm up to us though and are liking getting their bellies and backs scratched! 😂🤣

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